The Better Part of Valor: A 5e Forgotten Realms Campaign

The Meeting at Deepnight, Part 1

After spending several days in an attempt to find work, Selmy, Warglaive, Sylric, and Gar were hired by an enigmatic man in a grey cloak to complete a job of some importance for his organization. This organization had recently captured a merchant who was attempting to purchase a dragon egg, for an unknown and, likely, nefarious purpose. The party was to meet up with an unknown seller of this dragon egg outside of Phlan’s city gates, and pose as the buyer, who, coincidentally, bore a strong resemblance to Warglaive. He, and the other members of the party, were to pose as the buyer and his associates in order to procure the dragon egg and prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. Furthermore, the party was to plant a magical pin on the sellers, so that they grey-cloaked man could track them to their hideout.

The transaction, which took place at McCarthy’s Farm outside of town, did not go according to plan. After some reconnaissance by the stealthy Sylric, the party made contact with the seller inside the main barn. However, the seller, an Moon Elf female, was suspicious and was unconvinced by Warglaive’s attempt to deceive her. The seller dropped the egg and, along with her 3 guards, attempted to flee the barn. Sylric, who was in possession of the pin, cornered one of the guards and attempted to plant the pin on him. Sylric grabbed the man by the arm and tried to stealthily plant the pin on the underside of his sleeve.

The guard was startled by Sylric’s actions, and in self-defense, began to draw his sword with his free hand. The pin held in place for an instant, but then fell from his sleeve towards the ground. Sylric, acting almost on instinct, managed to snatch the pin from out of the air. The guard, with his eyes locked on Sylric’s sly gaze, still had no clue about the pin or Sylric’s attempt to plant it on him.

Sylric managed to appease the alarmed guard using the best method available to him: A few peaceful words and a firm handshake. Sylic used this opportunity to plant the pin on the guard, who then nodded to him and then exited the barn with the others.

Meanwhile, Selmy saw that the elf buyer was attempting to flee the barn. He began to follow her out of the barn in an attempt to track her. However, the party would soon find out that the sellers were not the only ones waiting for them at the barn that evening…

To Be Continued…



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