Brother Keefe


Brother Keefe is a small, frail man of advanced years. While he displays no sign of skills with sword, bow, or magic, Brother Keefe is a knowledgeable man in service to the church of Kelemvor. He has served his temple for half a century, and has held the post of primary record keeper of the church of Kelemvor for nearly as long. He is rumored to have contacts among the nobility across the entire Moonsea.

Recently, his affiliation to the Lord’s Alliance has been revealed to the adventuring party. The Alliance is an organization with a simple philosophy: that those powerful lords and nobles across Faerun who strive for peace must band together in order to ensure that the many forces of evil are unable to threaten the common people. Many powerful lords count themselves among the ranks within the Lord’s Alliance, including those of Waterdeep, Neverwinter, Baldur’s Gate, and Silverymoon.


Brother Keefe

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