The Better Part of Valor: A 5e Forgotten Realms Campaign



Our campaign begins with Warglaive, Selmynthil, Sylric, and Gar as young adventurers looking for their first true taste of action and wealth. As patrons of Madame Freona’s Tea Kettle, they had hoped that they would find employment in order to further their own goals.

Selmy, a Half-Elven ranger, had come to Phlan as a means to an end in order to eventually avenge the deaths of Clan Blackwood at the hands of a ruthless enemy. Selmy has a single-minded focus on avenging her death by eliminating the massive horde of kobolds that destroyed his village, as well as to end the life of the kobold chieftain, who was personally responsible for the death of Lythoniel, who was Selmy’s mother. His journey took him to the city of Phlan, where he decided to begin his search for allies and resources that he would need to finally end the kobold threat for good.

Warglaive, a Dwarven fighter, is no stranger to the injustice and cruelty that can be found in the city, as he was once contracted as a blacksmith under the Black Fist, the ruling and military force of Phlan. However, after viewing some of their corrupt and harsh methods of maintaining “law and order,” he abandoned his post and planned to uphold justice and defend the weak in an attempt to restore order to Phlan, even if he must do so alone.

Sylric, a Wood Elf monk, was born and raised in the distant land of Cormanthor. Tragedy struck his village when he was a child when a pair of ruthless green dragons destroyed his village, and leaving few survivors to tell the tale. In the coming years, Sylric felt an unyielding need to travel the world. His experience left him with a unique perspective; he viewed the world as a place in constant flux, and that in order to survive, he would need to adapt to change. Along his travels, he stumbled onto a hermit living in a cave deep in the forest. He trained for five years under this man, an elderly human known by the name Atreion. As a final mission, Sylric was sent to Phlan by his mentor in order to find his daughter Emerol and deliver a critical message to her.

Ulfgar, a Dwarven druid, is a bit of an enigma to the rest of the adventuring party. Not much about his origins or goals are known, outside of the fact that he and several other druids were attacked by a kobold raiding party and left for dead not far from the Phlan city gates. He managed to stumble into the city, profusely bleeding and near-death, where he was able to procure the needed treatment to save his life. He eventually found his way to Madame Freona’s Tea Kettle, where he met up with the rest of his new adventuring partners.



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